Monday, March 26, 2007

How A Model 1911 Works

These detailed diagrams show in very simple illustrations and description exactly how a 1911 design pistol functions. It is particularly interesting to note how the pressure of the gas in the barrel while the bullet is traveling through the barrel binds the locking lugs to the slide until the bullet exits the barrel completely and the pressure begins to drop. This would lead one to believe that the barrel bushing type compensators are in fact effective to a degree. I have heard many claims that these types of compensators are worthless... i have always had good luck with them and they don't mess with the accuracy in my experience.

Anyway, I found these diagrams to be very helpful in better understanding the 1911 design function. Click on the pictures to view them full size.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

1911 Handgun Full Stripping Instructions

There seems to be a lot of info and resources about field stripping 1911 handguns but here is a link to step-by-step instructions for COMPLETE stripping of the 1911. Tearing into a Grizzly win Mag is exactly like a standard 1911 in every way so this link should be a big help. Full stripping of the 1911

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Grizzly Win Mag Flyer

Regarding the Grizzly Parts posting immediately below this one.

I have since been able an official flyer from LAR Mfg. describing their thoughts on the 1911 based design and the interchangablility of standard 1911 model parts. Note the paragraph at the bottom to see their official list of "not interchangable" parts. Actually I learned that this flyer was generated for LAR by the original Grizzly Win Mag inventor, Perry Arnett. It seems that the more I learn about the Grizzly's beginnings, the more I realize that Perry pretty much did everything in launching this product for LAR.



Sunday, February 11, 2007

Which LAR Grizzly Parts Are Common With The Standard 1911...?

This is the most common Grizzly pistol related question that I hear. When I asked the inventor of the Grizzly handgun (Mr. Perry Arnett) this was his reply to me...

Let me see if I can recite them accurately:

The only Grizzly Pistol parts that DO NOT interchange with a standard 1911-A1 are:

Trigger bow - longer
Firing pin - longer, smaller tip diameter
Firing pin spring - slightly stronger
Extractor - longer
Recoil spring - 26# and longer
Barrel bushing - must be of the 'short' [Commander] length

All other [49?] parts from a standard 1911-A1 SHOULD interchange with a Grizzly Mark I (or II).

Any of the old brochures that were shipped with the Grizzly pistols will have a similar list.


To learn more about the "REAL" history of the Grizzly pistol and Perry's design click here: Arnett Patent Grizzly Technology History

Quality 1911 Parts Resource...

As most LAR Grizzly pistol owners already know... many of the parts on your Grizzly are 100% interchangable with standard Colt 1911 parts. While there are many resources out there selling aftermarket parts for 1911 based hanguns, I think that John Masen in Texas has the best prices for quality replacement parts. I have used several of his parts on my Grizzlies and have experienced great results.

He has a handy exploded view of a 1911 pistol for reference... all you do is click your mouse on the red part number by the part you like and it will take you directly to all of his offerings and variations of that particular part. You can find this page here: I will also add it to the links section as a permanent link.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

LAR Grizzly Owners...

I hope this blog site will prove to be a useful resource for LAR Grizzly owners and collectors alike. I invite all interested parties to contribute as much as they can to support this effort and breathe new life into this amazing firearm. I truly believe the LAR Grizzly Handguns to be the finest production pistol ever built. They have a fit that is second to none in the industry... primarily due to the painstaking efforts of the inventor Perry Arnett.

I will begin posting all of the information and resource material that comes my way. If you are interested in contributing to this blog as an author... please email Cam Stewart and request an invitation to join and I will send one to you.

Good shootin'...


P.S. Below is a picture of one of my favorite Grizzlies. A two-tone Mark I in 45 Win Mag outfitted with a Smith & Alexander mag well and smooth rosewood grips. This gun was a shooter now!