Thursday, March 22, 2007

Grizzly Win Mag Flyer

Regarding the Grizzly Parts posting immediately below this one.

I have since been able an official flyer from LAR Mfg. describing their thoughts on the 1911 based design and the interchangablility of standard 1911 model parts. Note the paragraph at the bottom to see their official list of "not interchangable" parts. Actually I learned that this flyer was generated for LAR by the original Grizzly Win Mag inventor, Perry Arnett. It seems that the more I learn about the Grizzly's beginnings, the more I realize that Perry pretty much did everything in launching this product for LAR.



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perry said...

Hi Cam,

FWIW: I am the "they" that wrote that flyer; no one at LAR had anything to do with that. In fact, that was originally written to be used by North American Manufacturing Co. for the License they held with me to the Grizzly PRIOR to my involvement with LAR.

Had I known better what the future might hold, I would never have used the literary "we"...


Perry Arnett - inventor