Sunday, February 11, 2007

Which LAR Grizzly Parts Are Common With The Standard 1911...?

This is the most common Grizzly pistol related question that I hear. When I asked the inventor of the Grizzly handgun (Mr. Perry Arnett) this was his reply to me...

Let me see if I can recite them accurately:

The only Grizzly Pistol parts that DO NOT interchange with a standard 1911-A1 are:

Trigger bow - longer
Firing pin - longer, smaller tip diameter
Firing pin spring - slightly stronger
Extractor - longer
Recoil spring - 26# and longer
Barrel bushing - must be of the 'short' [Commander] length

All other [49?] parts from a standard 1911-A1 SHOULD interchange with a Grizzly Mark I (or II).

Any of the old brochures that were shipped with the Grizzly pistols will have a similar list.


To learn more about the "REAL" history of the Grizzly pistol and Perry's design click here: Arnett Patent Grizzly Technology History

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